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"An App Store Set Up This Way Won’t Keep The Plaintiffs Away: Six Antitrust Takeaways from Last Week’s Apple v. Pepper Decision," Antitrust Law Alert (May 23, 2019). Contacts: John S. Gibson, Chahira Solh, Andrew I. Gavil, Akhil Sheth
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Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late: Tardy Trade Secrets Bounced (May 21, 2019). Authors: Eric A. Gressler, Raija Horstman and Anne Elise Herold Li.
Conspiring Computers: Algorithmic Price-Setting, Artificial Intelligence, and the Antitrust Laws (Spring 2019). Author: Akhil Sheth.
"Shield or Sword: Privilege, Waiver, and Third Parties," Crowell & Moring's Investigations Workshop 2019, Washington, DC (May 8, 2019). Moderator: Philip T. Inglima; Speakers: Gail D. Zirkelbach, Derek A. Hahn, and Laura Schwartz.
China Strengthens Trade Secret Protections Ahead of Trade Negotiations (May 7, 2019). Authors: Molly A. Jones and Julia Milewski.
"DOJ Centralizes Guidance on "The Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs"," Government Contracts Bullet Points (May 7, 2019). Contacts: Jacinta Alves, Gail D. Zirkelbach, Nkechi Kanu, Paul Freeman, Payal Nanavati, Thomas A. Hanusik, Derek A. Hahn, Dalal Hasan, Tiffany Wynn, Lorraine M. Campos
Client Alert/Newsletter
"Cannabis Trademarks Not Stoned by PTO," IP Insights (May 7, 2019). Contacts: Anne Elise Herold Li, Pilar Stillwater, Molly A. Jones, Kainoa Asuega
Client Alert/Newsletter
Third Circuit Upholds Preliminary Injunction Despite Unauthorized Facebook Monitoring (May 3, 2019). Authors: Gabrielle Trujillo and Raija Horstman.
Pathways to Recovery in the MasterCard/Visa Interchange Fee Litigation (May 2, 2019). Authors: Deborah E. Arbabi, Daniel A. Sasse, Christy Markos and Paul I. Sung.
Orange County Asian American Bar Association Honors Crowell & Moring with Community Partner Award (Apr.30.2019)
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Crowell & Moring LLP is an international law firm with more than 500 lawyers representing clients in litigation and arbitration, regulatory, and transactional matters. The firm is internationally recognized for its representation of Fortune 500 companies in high-stakes litigation, as well as its ongoing commitment to pro bono service and diversity. The firm has offices in Washington, DC, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County, London, and Brussels.

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