Litigation Forecast 2020

What corporate counsel need to know for the coming year

Crowell & Moring 2020 Litigation Forecast

The Internet of Things and AI Will Expose Companies to Increased Tort, Privacy, and Cybersecurity Litigation

Our 2020 Litigation Forecast explores the important litigation trends and challenges that businesses may face this year. Included is an examination of how the digital revolution exposes companies to new litigation risks, and it explores trends in employment non-competes; the future of stare decisis; the role of connected devices like smartphones in investigations and litigation, and more.

The Forecast provides a concise outlook on issues affecting companies in key areas of law:

Our cover story, “A Tangled Web: How the Internet of Things and AI Expose Companies to Increased Tort, Privacy, and Cybersecurity Litigation,” explores how the digital revolution is transforming not only high-tech companies, but also traditional industries with products, business models, and workforces that are being affected by increased connectivity, artificial intelligence, and the ability to gather and use tremendous amounts of data. But as companies embrace digitalization, new litigation threats loom. Government enforcers and plaintiffs’ lawyers are employing new strategies to pursue companies for the breaks and breaches that arise when product are brought to market. This year’s jurisdictional analysis takes a comprehensive look at litigation trends across U.S. courts. Scroll below to see all articles.

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"A Tangled Web: How the Internet of Things and AI Expose Companies to Increased Tort, Privacy, and Cybersecurity Litigation." — Jeffrey L. Poston, Cheryl A. Falvey, Evan D. Wolff, Paul M. Rosen, Jennifer S. Romano, Kristin J. Madigan, Gabriel M. Ramsey, and Laurence Winston.

"Antitrust – Moving Front and Center." — Beatrice B. Nguyen.

"Appellate – Stare Decisis: Will Precedent Survive Scrutiny?" — Thomas A. Lorenzen.

"Environment & Natural Resources – The Multifront Battle of Chemical Regulation and Litigation."— Richard McNeil.

"Jurisdictional Analysis – Understanding the Data Behind the Litigation Trends." — Keith J. Harrison.

"Government Contracts – Government and Industry Tensions Around Intellectual Property." — Nicole Owren-Wiest.

"Health Care – The Growing Risk of Disability Litigation." — Brian McGovern.

"Intellectual Property – Venue in Patent Cases: The Sea Change Continues." — Mark Supko.

"Labor & Employment – Non-Compete Agreements: Harder to Enforce?." — Thomas P. Gies.

"Torts – Sharing Supply Chain Risk." — Rebecca Baden Chaney.

"White Collar – Smarter Phones, Bigger Risk." — Glen G. McGorty.

"UK Litigation – Class Actions: A New Era in the UK?" — Robert Weekes.

"Advertising – False Advertising Claims: Opting for Court." — Holly A. Melton.

"Trade – Importing: Risky Business." — David R. Stepp.

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