President Trump's Social Media Executive Order Would Restrict Legal Protections For Internet Search

Hackernoon (May 29, 2020). Authors: Christopher A. Cole, and Kayvan M. Ghaffari.

Eleventh Circuit Solidifies Protection of Trade Secrets Threatened By “High-Tech Corporate Espionage” Under Florida’s Trade Secret Law

Crowell & Moring’s Trade Secrets Trends (May 29, 2020). Authors: Kimberley Johnson and Molly A. Jones.

Livestock Feed Trade Secrets Case Put Out to Pasture

Crowell & Moring’s Trade Secrets Trends (May 28, 2020). Authors: Michelle Chipetine and Molly A. Jones.

INSIGHT: AGs Turn Focus To Consumer Credit, Mortgages, Stimulus Checks

Bloomberg Law (May 27, 2020). Authors: Michael Yaghi, and Clayton S. Friedman.

A Guide To Evaluating And Advertising COVID-19 Products

Law360 (May 26, 2020). Authors: Christopher A. Cole, Warren Lehrenbaum, Chalana Netasha Damron, John Fuson, and Lauren Aronson.

IP and the Novel Coronavirus: Developing a Vaccine

Crowell & Moring’s Trade Secrets Trends (May 22, 2020). Authors: Raija Horstman and Sari Schreiber.

U.S. Senate Passes Legislation Aimed at Ending Forced Labor in Xinjiang, China

Crowell & Moring’s International Trade Law (May 22, 2020). Authors: Frances P. Hadfield and Brian McGrath.

The Regulatory Pathway To A Vaccine For COVID-19

Law360 (May 22, 2020). Authors: John Fuson, Anne Elise Herold Li, and Mena Gaballah, PharmD.

Autonomous Vehicle Competitors Resolve Trade Secrets Case Colored by “Staggering” Spoliation

Crowell & Moring’s Trade Secrets Trends (May 21, 2020). Authors: Jillian Ambrose and Christine B. Hawes.

COVID-19 and Frustrated Contractors – Understanding the Federal Landscape in 2020 and Beyond

FederalHealthIT (May 19, 2020). Author: Robert A. Burton.

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