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The world of trade offers often-overlooked opportunities for companies to cut their doing-business costs, at home and abroad, if they are engaged and assertive.

Fully taking advantage of existing trade agreements?

Hundreds of free trade agreements covering different sectors have been negotiated between countries all around the world. C&M International identifies the tariff structure for your product categories to ensure that your company is paying the lowest possible customs duties.

Seeking to reduce future duties?

Multiple free trade agreements are being negotiated right now. Has your company asked for its product categories to be covered or to have its tariffs cut on an accelerated schedule? We assist companies in engaging in negotiations to ensure product coverage.

Interested in refunds from the U.S. government?

Some trade agreements and trade preference programs are well known (e.g., NAFTA), while some are obscure. These agreements often provide for lower — or zero — tariffs. We assist companies that import from countries with trade agreements with the United States to identify cost savings in the form of refunds from U.S. Customs. This cost savings opportunity can be used with very minimal effort on the part of the client. We have identified and delivered millions in savings for companies through this exercise.

Want to understand the impact of free trade agreements and trends on future sourcing decisions?

We assist companies in analyzing how free trade agreements, with their lower tariffs and streamlined customs procedures, might influence where a company decides to source.

Case Studies

  • For a large manufacturer, we helped optimize the client's manufacturing capacity in Asia in terms of both cost and delivery times by analyzing how the company could leverage provisions of free trade agreements negotiated by China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia
  • We saved a major multinational over $25 million in duty payments by helping them strategically engage negotiators in a multilateral trade round, ensuring that tariff reductions on their products remained a priority
  • In helping a client to re-evaluate their U.S. and Brazilian supply chains, we identified over $14 million in potential savings by conducting in-depth analyses of opportunities available to them through free trade agreements

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