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We are actively engaged in counseling clients on current legislative and regulatory issues that affect government contractors. Driven by the wide array of goods and services our clients sell to federal, state, and local governments, as well as governmental agencies, our lawyers keep abreast of policy initiatives, new legislative bills, and regulatory proposals from the time that they first surface. Developments in e-business and new commercial item legislation are recent examples.

Keeping in Touch

Our lawyers have excellent relationships and contacts with key decision makers in the executive and legislative branches. Several of them have served in senior government positions before joining Crowell & Moring, and they maintain their contacts with key incumbents.

Strategy, Analysis, and Action

Our legislative representations include headline cases, single client matters, and, most often, coalitions of companies or trade associations that share a common concern. The focus of our work is the key congressional committees with jurisdiction over the matter at issue, and our activities include:

  • Drafting critical legislative language
  • Preparing detailed legal analyses or shorter rationales to support or oppose proposed legislation
  • Preparing talking points for lawyers and lobbyists
  • Developing strategic lobbying plans and lobbying members of key committees

Testimony Plus

We help clients prepare for testifying before federal and state legislative committees. We conduct mock hearings during which the witness practices and refines his or her testimony, and firm lawyers pose questions to the witness assuming the demeanor of members of the particular committee. We also prepare "Dear Colleague" letters, floor statements, and op-ed pieces.

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"Fastest 5 Minutes: New Executive Order, Annual Report on Bid Protest, and Responsible Artificial Intelligence Guidelines," Podcast: Fastest 5 Minutes in Government Contracts (December 1, 2021). Contacts: Peter Eyre, M. Yuan Zhou
Client Alert/Newsletter
"DOL Issues Final Rule to Increase the Minimum Wage for Federal Contractor Employees to $15," Government Contracts Bullet Points (December 1, 2021). Contacts: Trina Fairley Barlow, Kris D. Meade, Peter Eyre, Rina M. Gashaw, Ellie Riegel
Client Alert/Newsletter
"United States Seeking Critical Minerals Supply Chain Solutions – Funding Grants, Providing Loan Guarantees, Reducing Regulation, and Streamlining Permitting," Government Contracts Bullet Points (November 30, 2021). Contacts: Byron R. Brown, Lyndsay A. Gorton, Stephanie L. Crawford
Client Alert/Newsletter
"All Things Protest: Past Performance Primer and Key 2021 Decisions (November 2021)," Podcast: All Things Protest (November 24, 2021). Contacts: Olivia Lynch, Robert J. Sneckenberg, Christian N. Curran
Client Alert/Newsletter
"File Your Pre-Award Protest Early. Just Not Too Early.," Government Contracts Bullet Points (November 23, 2021). Contacts: Anuj Vohra, Cherie J. Owen, Issac D. Schabes
Client Alert/Newsletter
"Executive Order Provides for Nondisplacement of Certain Workers Covered by the Service Contract Act," Government Contracts Bullet Points (November 22, 2021). Contacts: Peter Eyre, Trina Fairley Barlow, Issac D. Schabes
Client Alert/Newsletter
"The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill: A Summary of the Bill, the Funds, the Flow and the Timeline for New Projects," Crowell & Moring Webinar. (November 18, 2021). Speakers: Bryon R. Brown, Robert A. Burton, Lorraine M. Campos, Rebecca Baden Chaney, Michelle Coleman, W. Scott Douglas, Larry F. Eisenstat, James Flood, David J. Ginsberg, Robert Holleyman, Joshua M, Lindsay, Thomas Lorenzen, Stephen J. McBrady, and Scott Winkelman.
"GAO Releases Annual Bid Protest Report to Congress for FY 2021, Identifies New “Top Ground” for Sustains," Government Contracts Bullet Points (November 18, 2021). Contacts: Anuj Vohra, Cherie J. Owen
Client Alert/Newsletter
"COFC Dismissal Order Highlights the Pre-Litigation Traps and Timeliness Bars of Section 1498 Claims," Government Contracts Bullet Points (November 17, 2021). Contacts: John E. McCarthy Jr., Vincent J. Galluzzo, John Sabacinski, Christopher D. Garcia
Client Alert/Newsletter
"EEOC Joins the List of Executive Branch Agencies Launching Initiatives on Artificial Intelligence," Government Contracts Bullet Points (November 17, 2021). Contacts: Kate M. Growley, CIPP/G, CIPP/US, Adelicia R. Cliffe, Michael K. Atkinson, Kris D. Meade, Trina Fairley Barlow, Laura J. Mitchell Baker, Michelle D. Coleman
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