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The lawyers of Crowell & Moring are uniquely prepared to assist clients that face legal issues involving behavioral health care. For many years, our lawyers have served as general counsel and provided advisory and litigation services to behavioral health care entities. Our clients include managed behavioral health care organizations and providers, professional associations, specialty hospitals and clinics, employee assistance program providers, and individual professionals. We also represent entities that focus on disease management of behavioral health diagnoses.

We understand the distinct legal problems that arise in the behavioral health care arena. For example, we litigate issues involving the disparity between physical and mental health benefits and appreciate the impact of mental health parity laws. We realize that the confidentiality of patient records and HIPAA compliance is extremely sensitive in the mental health arena. We recognize the unique contractual difficulties between, and legal duties of, the behavioral health players, including providers, plans, mental health carve-out entities, third-party administrators, disease managers, employers, and patients. Crowell & Moring lawyers bring their exceptional depth and experience in this specialized field to these and other common issues, such as standard of care, peer review, duty to warn, regulatory compliance, privacy, contractual transactions, risk management, and litigation.

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"Virginia Enacts Permanent COVID-19 Employee Health and Safety Requirements," Labor & Employment Law Alert - US (January 15, 2021). Contacts: Thomas P. Gies, Daniel W. Wolff, Katie Erno, Christine B. Hawes
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"HHS Finalizes SUNSET Rule, Placing Thousands of Regulations at Risk of Invalidation," Health Care Alert (January 15, 2021). Contacts: Jodi G. Daniel, Lidia Niecko-Najjum, Samuel Ruddy
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"New Legislation Eliminates Long-Standing Antitrust Immunity for Health Insurers," Antitrust Law Alert (January 14, 2021). Contacts: Shawn R. Johnson, Alexis Victoria DeBernardis, Connor Ahearn, Kate M. Watkins
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"Transition 2021: The Future of Health Care under a Biden Administration," Crowell & Moring Webinar (January 12, 2021). Presenters: A. Xavier Baker, Troy A. Barsky, Jodi G. Daniel, James G. Flood, and W. Scott Douglas.
"Congress Passes Combined COVID-19 Relief and Omnibus Spending Bill," (December 23, 2020). Contacts: Jacinta Alves, A. Xavier Baker, Troy A. Barsky, Peter Eyre, James G. Flood, Glenn D. Grant, Olivia Lynch, S. Starling Marshall, Amy Laderberg O'Sullivan, Paul J. Pollock, Michael E. Samuels, Tim Shadyac
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"COVID Relief and Appropriations Legislation Includes Mental Health Parity Compliance and Oversight Requirements," Health Care Alert (December 23, 2020). Contacts: A. Xavier Baker, Michael W. Lieberman, Lauren R. Nunez, Joe Records
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"Stand Up: Third Parties May Challenge False Claims Act Civil Investigative Demands," Government Contracts Bullet Points (December 22, 2020). Contacts: Brian Tully McLaughlin, Michael Shaheen, Lyndsay A. Gorton
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"CMS Expands on Patient Access and Interoperability Requirements for Health Plans," Health Care Alert (December 18, 2020). Contacts: Jodi G. Daniel, Lidia Niecko-Najjum
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"HHS Proposes to Modernize HIPAA to Facilitate Care Coordination and Case Management," Health Care Alert (December 17, 2020). Contacts: Jodi G. Daniel, Brandon C. Ge
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"Supreme Court Sides with State Regulation of PBMs in Boost to Independent Pharmacies," Health Care Alert (December 16, 2020). Contacts: David McFarlane, Todd D. Rosenberg, Samuel W. Krause, Barbara H. Ryland, Ian Logan
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