Transportation Representative Engagements

Aerospace, Aviation, and Drones

  • One of the world’s preeminent airlines in matters ranging from major litigation to FDA guidance as it works to make every step of the travel journey safe for passengers.
  • A global airline in a complex, antitrust consumer class action litigation related to air travel pricing.
  • UAS operators in obtaining FAA permits for operation and meeting FAA regulatory operational requirements.
  • A global technology company in providing client risk mitigation counseling on product safety and privacy and security issues regarding their launch of unmanned aerial systems for use with GoPro cameras.

Automotive and Autonomous Vehicles

  • The world’s largest car rental and fleet management company (by market share) in matters ranging from disputes with ports, negotiations related to airport concessions, and counseling regarding vehicle data.
  • A Fortune 20 automobile manufacturer in a precedent-setting putative class action alleging that a vehicle-based IoT product’s vulnerability to hacking constitutes a breach of warranty or product defect.
  • An international automotive safety supplier on international reporting requirements for vehicle and equipment manufacturers in Europe, Asia, and North and South America.
  • A Fortune 50 retailer on negotiation positioning and preferred contract terms for autonomous vehicles used in product fulfilment including raw data, audit rights, value of data, reps, and warranties.


  • A global blockchain software development company on and distributed ledger technology transactions and network initiatives for blockchain infrastructure participants across the world, including investments involving more than 40 global financial institutions.
  • A data analytics company regarding inbound IT infrastructure and processing capabilities and outbound licensing of APIs and SDKs, as well as negotiation of shared intellectual property rights in artificial intelligence joint ventures.
  • An infrastructure-as-a-service company based in NY that uses blockchain technology on compliance with AML and sanctions laws.

Maritime, Shipping, and Logistics

  • The largest global integrated shipping companies within ocean and inland freight transportation, in connection with its participation in an operational alliance with another large shipping company.
  • A global market-leading logistics company with government contracts, intellectual property risk assessments, customs enforcement, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance.

Micromobility and Transportation Software

  • A Fortune 20 automotive manufacturer on NHTSA guidelines and regulations and helped them set up protocol, policy, and procedures.
  • A leading technology company on the risks associated with incorporating an AI technology into automobiles and trucks in regards to distracted driving, including nationwide state surveys and mobile phone prohibitions, NHTSA and state guidance, and provided analyses of product liability cases. 
  • A global micromobility company on complex product safety regulatory issues and related IoT matters for a fleet of electric scooters incorporating cutting-edge firmware and various component parts. 
  • A developer of AI-enabled license plate reading technology on agreements with corporate customers and resellers to support commercialization and represent them in two software patent infringement litigations to protect their IP.

Rail Services

  • A team of transportation engineers and a leading American transportation technology company with joint venture formation and raising more than $200 million in financing to support development of high-speed rail technology, and assisting with strategic business counseling and testing.
  • A rail transportation and real estate company with responding to an incident affecting employees using a connected consumer device.
  • An international rail transportation client on litigation involving conspiracy, monopolization and "essential facility" claims.
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