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Because statutes giving rise to civil liability for trade secrets theft have close analogues in federal criminal law, parallel civil and criminal cases are common. Our lawyers have extensive experience handling the complex dynamics of such parallel proceedings, whether the client is the alleged victim or the defendant. One key to our success is close teaming between the lawyers in our White Collar & Regulatory Enforcement Group and other practice groups, providing the critical, necessary combination of procedural and substantive experience.

From the perspective of the victim, it is often essential to ensure that trade secrets theft is promptly and effectively investigated and prosecuted by the authorities. Such criminal investigations can also generate numerous collateral benefits in the parallel civil litigation. Our lawyers know which federal law enforcement authorities to contact and how to work closely with them to ensure successful investigation and prosecution to the fullest possible extent.

From the perspective of the defendant, any civil litigation can quickly become overshadowed by a criminal investigation and all of the complications it can create. Effectively managing a criminal investigation to minimize its impact requires the sort of knowledge that lawyers in our White Collar & Regulatory Enforcement Group bring to bear on behalf of clients every day, including in trade secrets theft cases that often involve the same federal authorities we have worked with on behalf of victims.

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